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Zaanse Schans

Online Conference 29 June 2023 on Identifying, Conserving and Presenting Artifacts from your Mill

The conference is on 29 June 2023, 3.00 pm – 4.45 pm CET. 

Link to the conference: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84895918496?pwd=VldBemd6aXR6Tlo5L09nY2NIbVc3UT09

For our next conference, we will explore ways to identify, conserve and present objects found in our mills.

Please register bij sending an email at craftofthemiller@molens.nl with your name, organisation or mill and your email address.

Our milling heritage is made up of different elements – the mill building, the mill machinery and the tools the miller used and continues to use and of course, the stories and people who have been involved with the mill over many years. This conference will focus on the objects which make up this heritage, items which often get forgotten when a mill is repaired, even lost when people do not realise how important they are. We will explore how we identify, protect, conserve and display these objects.

We will hear presentations from mills in Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands, helping us understand how they:

  • – Identify objects
  • – Decide how to protect objects
  • – Learn how to make a record of objects so that even if the artifact decays, we have a record for future generations
  • – Learn how to conserve or repair objects without re-making them
  • – Learn how to display them so that visitors today and “tomorrow” can appreciate them, understand how they were / are used

Our workshop will include presentations (see below) and discussion in small groups. You are invited to send pictures of examples of objects that you need help in conserving or displaying so that you can apply your learning from the session directly to your mill! Please see the conference booking confirmation email for more information.

Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook,
Chairman of the UK Traditional Cornmillers Guild, Miller & Member of the Craft of the Miller Steering Group

Welsh Grain

Luke Bonwick,
Conservation Officer for Kent County Council and Mill Heritage Consultant

Welsh Grain

Rebecca Vanysacker
, volunteer miller at the windmill Gistel

Nicole Bakker

Nicole Bakker,
director Dutch Mill Society

Who are we?

The craft of the miller is on the Representative List of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. To support the craft of the miller worldwide we aim to develop an international network of millers and mill societies. Therefore we bring together wind- and watermill parties from all over the world to share knowledge and skills.


Our Mission
Our Mission is to safeguard and promote the craft of the traditional miller – defined as “a miller who works with mills driven primarily by wind, water and animal power”.

Our Aims are:

  • To safeguard the craft of the miller
  • To share knowledge, experience and information amongst our community to promote best practice and the safe repair and operation of our mills
  • To encourage all involved with mills to protect and respect the original fabric of mill buildings and machinery
  • To promote the protection and repair of our global milling heritage, by helping others see a positive future for that heritage, returning mills, where appropriate, to production, keeping the mill working in its original function
  • To create a network of millers and associated societies to deliver our Mission

Are you a miller or interested in safeguarding the craft of the miller, join the Craft of the Miller Network by creating your own member profile. If you have other questions, please send an e-mail to: craftofthemiller@molens.nl.

Look here for the recording earlier conference.


The international network on the craft of the miller is initiated by:

Ambachtelijk Korenmolenaar Gilde
Dutch Centre For Intangible Cultural Heritage
Gild Fryske Mounders
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