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Zaanse Schans

The craft of the miller is on the Representative List of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. To support the craft of the miller worldwide we aim to develop an international network of millers and mill societies. Therefore we bring together wind- and watermill parties from all over the world to share knowledge and skills.

Are you a miller or interested in safeguarding the craft of the miller, join the Craft of the Miller Network by creating your own member profile. If you have other questions, please send an e-mail to: craftofthemiller@molens.nl.

The last conference took place at 24 June 2021, 15:00 CET. The program focused on interaction between the participants on two topics, the training of the miller and the role of the governement and Unesco. See more details below.  The video of the conference you can find here.


The next conference ‘The Craft of the Miller: Evolving and adapting’ will take place on 21 October 2021, 15:00 CET.

Conference ‘The Craft of the Miller: Evolving & Adapting’

21 October 2021, 15:00 CET – 16:30 CET

The Programme will include:

Welcome by Nicole Bakker, director of De Hollandsche Molen, The Netherlands

Presentation from the Barony Mill, Orkney, exploring Beremeal production, an ancient form of barley unique to this part of Scotland

Presentation from Y Felin and Felin Ganol Watermills in Wales exploring the evolving Welsh Grain Network from “field to fork”

Presentation from Wicken Windmill, Cambridgeshire a commercial corn mill, owned by a group of Partners, most of whom are volunteer millwrights who have repaired the mill and now maintain it – exploring a different model of mill ownership, repair and operation.


Nicole Bakker

Nicole Bakker,
director Dutch Mill Society

The conference is facilitated by:

Het Gilde van Vrijwillige molenaars
Ambachtelijk Korenmolenaar Gilde
Dutch Centre For Intangible Cultural Heritage
Gild Fryske Mounders
De Hollandsche Molen
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Cultural Heritage Agency